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BENEFITS Hanen Automatic Solar Powered Cattle Feeders

Controlled Nutrition for Optimal Results

The Hanen Automatic Solar-Powered Cattle Feeding System allows better control of feeding times for your breed’s nutritional requirements. Easily program for optimum phase of production cycle and adjust as needed to accommodate for changes such as weather conditions. Studies have shown that a balanced diet evenly distributed throughout the day creates a calmer animal. Programmed grain rationing provides less feed for better nutritional value, but not loss of growth.

Additional Benefits:

• Solar Powered and 120 Volt Options
• Feeds Up to 12 Head of Cattle at A Time, More If Feeding a Calf or Smaller Animal
• Heavy Duty Steel Construction for Durability
• 100% Powder Coated for Long Lasting Finish
• Hydraulically-Powered Feed Dispensing System uses fewer moving parts for less maintenance
• Increase Overall Operation Efficiency and Flexibility
• Low Environmental Impact
• Lower Waste of Feed
• Never Miss a Feeding
• Portable, Can Be Moved by Tractor with Lifting Forks
• Save Energy and Reduce Costs
• Save Time with Automatic Feeding: Up to 12 Times Per Day Using Preprogramed Feeding Times
• Covered hopper protects feed
• Hanen Automatic Solar-Powered Feeders are manufactured in the U.S.A.